Attract that good good...


A Salt Burn is an effective and enjoyable way to clear the AIR and cleanse the energy in your space, provided you have an aptitude and respect for open flame, ventilation to allow the negative energy to exit and most vitally, common sense.

Common Sense
Is A Beautiful Thing

Ideal for an energetic reset in an area of your home where discord or an accident has transpired.

Ideal for a meditation... alight and meditate on the flame until it dissipates.

Ideal for a new to you space.

In Summary: IDEAL


Who’s dad is this? 


  • Unscented Epsom Salt
  • High Proof Alcohol: Bacardi 151, Everclear or Rubbing Alcohol
  • Water


  • Medium, Shallow Bowl
  • Heat Resistant Ramekin / Mug
  • Matches
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Optional: Cutting Board


  • Declare Intent; internalize and / or vocalize
  • Set The Stage by clearing the selected area of fire hazards; have your fire extinguisher close-by
  • Open a nearby window; this is the exit route for bad vibes
  • Fill the medium, shallow bowl with a bit of lukewarm water
  • Place the water bowl either directly on the ground or upon the optional cutting board
  • Place the ramekin inside the water bowl
  • Hold your cupped palm, angled into the ramekin, and slowly pour the Epsom salt into your palm, which then gently cascades in, thereby introducing your energy into the equation
  • Fill the ramekin halfway to two-thirds with salt
  • Pour the alcohol over the salt, so that it just covers the salt; if so desired, recite a prayer or mantra whilst you pour
  • Light a match and with care, place into the soupy mix; keep your face / hair away
  • The size of the flame will correlate with the intensity of the energy being cleared; COOL, right?
  • Sit Back & Enjoy
  • Stay Present, in all senses


  • When the flame self extinguishes, let the setup cool to the touch
  • Dispose of the salt in your garden, or in an outside trash can; no remnants inside
  • Wash the dishes; dry and store for another Salt Burn
  • Enjoy the resulting clear air / serenity