Thursday, October 29, 2020

Witnessing Style  

Lots of feeling feelings, old and new, as I activate my bedroom / activate the legacy of love in my home, in my history, in my life.  Not quite ready to share, but close.

Musing this week on an early client and how resetting her wardrobe, by merging her past and present (i.e. shopping her closet), was the jump start to a new relationship and new job.  She is now Beginning Again, and I had a Download for her to style her web domain... To make a space to gather data.

Data junkie.  Make it make sense. 
The Why to the What, as we work out the How, step by step.

Anyway, you’ll hear.  True stream of consciousness, so please excuse the  bumps along the path of conversation.

Sending much love.  Anxiety through osmosis for even the most level headed ones, in unprecedented times like these.