Wednesday, January 20, 2021

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Any tips on book storage/display in common area?

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Hello MWJ, Room4More members, Juda and Sean here!  We are moving through our first home “renovation” while listening to your downloads.  Your philosophy is so inspiring.

We have a question for you about our kitchen.  It’s in Legacy, and in line of sight from Life Path.  We just finished putting in new appliances, and are planning on refreshing the wall paint/trim next, and revealing the wood floor under the vinyl flooring.  We would love your input on color, or materials to help activate legacy.

Thank you! 💫


First of all—big fan of yours.  Thank you for your wisdom and your openness it is beautiful and comforting and inspiring as hell.  I am 27 and living alone for the first time in a studio apartment in Brooklyn.  I love it.  I feel like I am finally becoming my adult self.  Haven’t felt this aligned with my space since I decorated my bedroom for the first time when I was fifteen (painted the walls blood red and everything else was zebra print... I thought I was super badass and goth).  ANYWAY listening to your musings on Room4More is helping me on so many levels and I am deeply grateful.

My question is regarding curtains on a window at the foot of my bed which falls in the abundance corner of my space.  There are two windows, one at the foot of the bed, and the other to the left of it when you are facing the one at the foot of the bed... so the family corner I believe?  Would love to know your thoughts... I’m on the ground floor and a single young woman so I want these curtains to feel protective and secure me in my bed... and allow for freedom with lovers without feeling exposed... feels a little vulnerable with the sheer white ones I have up now.  The rest of my space has orange/yellow/green tones going on.  Very sultry earthy vibes.

With gratitude,
Katie xxoo


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