Wednesday, December 30, 2020

No Joke—We Made It Thru 

- wins ︎
- wishes ︎
- resolutions ︎



These short films feel end of year reflective in their own fashion:

+ more here




oh, and seal the deal with a perimeter walk

“The mystery of Kali is that she is perpetually destroying and, at the same time, creating—destroying in order to create, creating in order to destroy, death in the service of life, life in the service of death.  Kali is time, immanence, ceaseless becoming, nature as process.  As ceaseless motion that has no purpose other than its own activity, Kali is indifferent to the demands of the ego as she is to the instinct to survive.  The opposites of life and death, love and hate, humility and pride, poverty and riches, mercy and revenge, justice and tyranny, mean nothing to her, because with her there is no polarity.  For Kali, all experiences is one—life as well as death.”

- Dancing in the Flames

per Paige: