Thursday, November 12, 2020

A Begin Again Day Diary


Up ~ 6am sans alarm

Work & write

Switch go-to handbags
    Empty the previous and organize the present
        Make a mental note to find a notebook, as a legal pad won’t fit

Breakfast sandwiches with boys
    No Zoom School to honor Veteran’s Day

Prep house for cleaning while boys play outside
    Have a whole prep routine

Family leaf blower inaugural experience—we’re all obsessed

One mile “hike” up and down our street

Drop boys @ their dad’s

Head to the Proper Hotel for a brow date with Jimena
    She’s a class act, with every detail considered
        Grew her business out of pure love for what she does, as she shared in our mini business meeting
            Love hearing the memo to let it stay pure

Check in with a monthly client as I’m driving back across town
    Plant a seed for our time together tomorrow
        How to root into the blessings of the present moment without feeling trapped
            Involves her bedroom of course :)

Call tomorrow’s in person client to confirm
    Will be a good old fashioned love activation
       She found me through a podcast with a Heartbreak Coach—who met her person two weeks after our consultation ︎

Shiny buff mani pedi with callous removal

Car filled with gas and washed
    Grab a salad across the street because the carwash is busy

En route home stop to buy a housewarming candle for a pal
    They gift wrap it
        Find a velvet bound notebook that fits my handbag!

Home and zhush post house cleaning
    Have a whole post routine

Empty mailbox and scan bills for accounting files
    Genius Scan is the jam and allows me to email scans to my accounting system

Black tights arrived in mail!
    Wanting to wear black tights with everything

Light a stick of Copal in the hallway

Leaf blower round two on the patio
    Fill the birdbath too

Get asked on a date to tour this house on Saturday 
    Date requests a viewing and then hears back from listing agent that the house is already under contract for all cash  / above ask offer—welcome to Los Angeles real estate
      Date counters with a Saturday roadtrip date, but I want to see how our second date tonight goes first

Run an Epsom salt bath

This jazz album playing

Deep conditioning hair oil and braided pigtails to lock it in

Steam my vintage denim collection

About to hop in car to meet a first date when I have a download to head to

The piece below catches my eye and I watch the linked video and my mind is blown
    A perfect representation of how to Begin Again, again and again ︎ 

Date is a gentleman, and a pretty good order-er, and much more of an artist than I was expecting
    While I know it’s not a love match, I enjoy our conversation and the Begin Again parable:

Come home and stream public radio and text with a girlfriend about this collection of data, which she believes to be relevant to my work :)
    She calls out the phrase “bedgasm

Take a hit and call upon That Love Feeling to course throughout my body before an easy night’s sleep
    Know that I will sleep in until I am ready to wake up, enjoying my weekly sleep-in-indulgence
       (I sleep until 9am and it’s heavenly)

Do you gift yourself these reset days?


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